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No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name
00001  CAP   alpha Capricornids 00096  NCC   Northern delta Cancrids 00206  AUR   Aurigids 00337  NUE   nu Eridanids
00002  STA   Southern Taurids 00097  SCC   Southern delta Cancrids 00208  SPE   September epsilon Perseids 00338  OER   omicron Eridanids
00004  GEM   Geminids 00100  XSA   Daytime xi Sagittariids 00212  KLE   Daytime kappa Leonids 00339  PSU   psi Ursae Majorids
00005  SDA   Southern delta Aquariids 00102  ACE   alpha Centaurids 00221  DSX   Daytime Sextantids 00341  XUM   January xi Ursae Majorids
00006  LYR   April Lyrids 00110  AAN   alpha Antliids 00233  OCC   October Capricornids 00343  HVI   h Virginids
00007  PER   Perseids 00128  MKA   Daytime kappa Aquariids 00242  XDR   xi Draconids 00346  XHE   x Herculids
00008  ORI   Orionids 00137  PPU   pi Puppids 00246  AMO   alpha Monocerotids 00348  ARC   April rho Cygnids
00009  DRA   October Draconids 00144  APS   Daytime April Piscids 00250  NOO   November Orionids 00362  JMC   June mu Cassiopeiids
00010  QUA   Quadrantids 00145  ELY   eta Lyrids 00252  ALY   alpha Lyncids 00372  PPS   phi Piscids
00011  EVI   eta Virginids 00151  EAU   epsilon Aquilids 00254  PHO   Phoenicids 00388  CTA   chi Taurids
00012  KCG   kappa Cygnids 00152  NOC   Northern Daytime omega Cetids 00257  ORS   Southern chi Orionids 00390  THA   November theta Aurigids
00013  LEO   Leonids 00153  OCE   Southern Daytime omega Cetids 00281  OCT   October Camelopardalids 00404  GUM   gamma Ursae Minorids
00015  URS   Ursids 00156  SMA   Southern Daytime May Arietids 00319  JLE   January Leonids 00411  CAN   c Andromedids
00016  HYD   sigma Hydrids 00164  NZC   Northern June Aquilids 00320  OSE   omega Serpentids 00427  FED   February eta Draconids
00017  NTA   Northern Taurids 00165  SZC   Southern June Aquilids 00321  TCB   theta Coronae Borealids 00428  DSV   December sigma Virginids
00018  AND   Andromedids 00170  JBO   June Bootids 00322  LBO   lambda Bootids 00431  JIP   June iota Pegasids
00019  MON   December Monocerotids 00171  ARI   Daytime Arietids 00323  XCB   xi Coronae Borealids 00445  KUM   kappa Ursae Majorids
00020  COM   Comae Berenicids 00172  ZPE   Daytime zeta Perseids 00324  EPR   epsilon Perseids 00446  DPC   December phi Cassiopeiids
00021  AVB   alpha Virginids 00173  BTA   Daytime beta Taurids 00325  DLT   Daytime lambda Taurids 00506  FEV   February epsilon Virginids
00022  LMI   Leonis Minorids 00175  JPE   July Pegasids 00326  EPG   epsilon Pegasids 00510  JRC   June rho Cygnids
00023  EGE   epsilon Geminids 00183  PAU   Piscis Austrinids 00327  BEQ   beta Equuleids 00512  RPU   rho Puppids
00026  NDA   Northern delta Aquariids 00184  GDR   July gamma Draconids 00328  ALA   alpha Lacertids 00524  LUM   lambda Ursae Majorids
00027  KSE   kappa Serpentids 00187  PCA   psi Cassiopeiids 00330  SSE   sigma Serpentids 00526  SLD   Southern lambda Draconids
00031  ETA   eta Aquariids 00188  XRI   Daytime xi Orionids 00331  AHY   alpha Hydrids 00529  EHY   eta Hydrids
00033  NIA   Northern iota Aquariids 00191  ERI   eta Eridanids 00333  OCU   October Ursae Majorids 00530  ECV   eta Corvids
00061  TAH   tau Herculids 00197  AUD   August Draconids 00334  DAD   December alpha Draconids 00533  JXA   July xi Arietids
00063  COR   Corvids 00198  BHY   beta Hydrusids 00335  XVI   December chi Virginids 00549  FAN   49 Andromedids
00069  SSG   Southern mu Sagittariids 00202  ZCA   Daytime zeta Cancrids 00336  DKD   December kappa Draconids 00569  OHY   omicron Hydrids
Total: 112 established showers.