General info

Our Observatory offers BSc and MSc courses in astronomy. As they are given only in Polish, all students from abroad (including those taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme) are required to have a working knowledge of Polish to participate in them.

During the three-year Bachelor studies students can choose between two specialisations: “Observational astronomy: photometry and spectroscopy” and “Astronomy and its application in the artificial satellite research”. The two-year Master studies are homogeneous and embrace all classic astronomy with an emphasis on celestial mechanics and astrometry. They end with a defence of the Master thesis.

During studies we pay attention to develop in our students good skills in computer science. The best of them are given an opportunity to participate in various research activities at the Observatory: they help to carry out observations, reduce data, write software, etc.

We also offer postgraduate training in astronomy during which PhD students work with our senior staff and prepare for carrying out their own research. Such studies in general last four years and end with a defence of a PhD thesis.

Working together with Technical University, recently we started a two-year postgraduate studies in “Space engineering”. They include such astronomy-related topics as orbital dynamics of artificial satellites and space debris, space communication, teledetection, robotic observing systems, and space hazards to infrastructure in orbit and on the ground. Students will learn how to apply for funds from national and European space programmes, plan future space missions as well as acquire and analyse
satellite data.