Research areas

Galactic astronomy

  • Dynamics of star clusters

Stellar astrophysics

  • Spectroscopy and photometry of selected star types
  • Binary and multiple stars
  • Modelling of stellar atmospheres
  • Asterosejsmology
  • Chemical abudancies from analysis of stellar spectra
  • Cataclysmic stars

Small Solar System Bodies

  • Orbital dynamics and origin of comets
  • Photometry and spectroscopy of asteroids
  • Physical properties of asteroids
  • Physical characterisation of near-Earth asteroids
  • Asteroid shape models
  • Orbital dynamics of asteroids
  • GAIA observations of asteroids
  • Orbital dynamics of meteoroids, comet-meteoroid connections, meteor streams identification

Celestial mechanics

  • Mathematical problems of celectial mechanics, special functions
  • Modelling of non-gravitational effects
  • Non-gravitational effects in asteroid rotation
  • Orbital resonanses

Dynamics of artificial satellites and space debris

  • Analytical theories of the motion of artificial satellites
  • Orbital dynamics of artificial satellites and space debris
  • Optical observations and laser ranging of artificial satellites and space debris

Extra-galactic astronomy

  • gas and dust in galaxies
  • star formation
  • gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, and their host galaxies
  • radio and infrared observations