Weekly seminars 2017/2018

Our weekly seminars take place on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. in AMU Astronomical Observatory building at 36 Słoneczna Street. The person responsible for organization of seminars is Dr Tomasz Kwiatkowski, to whom all questions regarding dates/subjects, as well as the video equipment needed should be directed.

18th January 2018
Prof. Joanna Mikołajewska (CAMK)


25th January 2018
Dr An-Li Tsai (IOA)


22nd February 2018
Dr Arkadiusz Hypki (IOA)

1st March 2018
Dr Magdalena Polińska (IOA)

8th March 2018
Prof. Edwin Wnuk (IOA)

15th March 2018
Prof. Agata Różańska (CAMK)

22nd March 2018
Przemysław Mróz (OA UW)

5th April 2018
Dr Michał Drahus (OA UJ)

10th May 2018
Krzysztof Langner (IOA)

17th May 2018
Ewa Kosturkiewicz (IOA)

24th May 2018
Grzegorz Dudziński (IOA)

31st May 2018
Patrycja Bagińska (IOA)

7th June 2018
Dr Magdalena Otulakowska-Hypka (IOA)

14th June 2018
Dr Milena Ratajczak (IA UWr)

21st June 2018
Magda Butkiewicz-Bąk (IOA)

Previous talks:

11th January 2018
Prof. Michał Ostrowski (OA UJ)
New gamma-ray observatories: Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)

4th January 2018
Dr Dagmara Oszkiewicz (IAO)


14th December 2017
Prof. Sławomir Breiter (IAO)
Quadruple stellar system in the 1:1 resonance

7th December 2017
Prof. Piotr Dybczyński (IAO)
On the dynamical history of the recently discovered interstellar object A/2017 U1

30th November 2017
Dr Tomasz Kwiatkowski (IAO)
A new catalogue of asteroid lightcurves

23rd November 2017
Dr Przemysław Bartczak (IAO)
Asteroid models uncertainty

16th November 2017
Prof. David Vokrouhlický (Astronomical Institute of Charles University, Prague)
Origin and evolution of short-period comets

9th November 2017
Dr Krzysztof Kamiński (IAO)
New satellite tracking camera in Poznań

26th October 2017
Dr Michał Michałowski (IAO)
The first observation of radiation from colliding neutron stars – the sources of gravitational waves

19th October 2017
Dr Paweł Kankiewicz (Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce)
Dynamical studies of asteroids in retrograde orbits

12th October 2017
Dr Anna Marciniak (IAO)
The size, shape, density and ring of the dwarf planet Haumea from a stellar occultation

Talks in 2016/2017:

8th June 2017
Mikołaj Krużyński (IAO)
SST observations – not only with PST2

1st June 2017
Dr Toni Santana-Ros (IAO)
A ménage à quatre of European projects linked by the study of asteroids

25th May 2017
Krzysztof Langner (IAO)
New approach to Kustaanheimo-Stiefel transform

18th May 2017
Ewa Kosturkiewicz (IAO)
Study of beta Cephei-type pulsating stars

11th May 2017
Dr Michał Michałowski (IAO)
Dust, galaxies and gamma ray bursts

27th April 2017
Patrycja Bagińska (IAO)
X-ray novae: analysis and modelling of outbursts

20th April 2017
Magda Butkiewicz-Bąk (IAO)
Photometry of asteroids in crowded star fields

6th April 2017
Dr Anna Marciniak (IAO)
Photometric survey, modeling and scaling of long-period and low-amplitude asteroids

30th March 2017
Prof. Tadeusz Jopek (IAO)
The Morasko meteorite chain fall

23rd March 2017
Dr Magdalena Polińska (IAO)
Spectroscopic study of delta Scuti stars

16th March 2017
Prof. Witold Szczuciński (Institute of Geology, Adam Mickiewicz University)
Geological and environmental effects of small hypervelocity meteoroid impacts – insights from Morasko impact

9th March 2017
Łukasz Gruszka (IAO)
Legal Time Distribution System: a technique for transfering accurate time

2nd March 2017
Dr Krzysztof Kamiński (IAO)
Software tools for planning and reduction of astrometric observations of Earth’s Artificial Satellites

23rd February 2017
Dr Przemysław Bartczak, Grzegorz Dudziński (IAO)

Dr Wojciech Dimitrow (IAO)
A report from ESO workshop

26th January 2017
Grzegorz Dudziński (IAO)
SAGE development status; invertion of asteroids’ radar echo observations

12th January 2017
Dr Jerzy Nawrocki (OAG CBK PAN, Borowiec)
Caesium fountain in Borowiec

15th December 2016
Dr Tomasz Kwiatkowski (IAO)
The olivine-dominated composition of the Eureka family of Mars Trojan asteroids

8th December 2016
Dr Krzysztof Kamiński (IAO)
SST observations with PST1 and PST2

24th November 2016
Prof. David Vokrouhlický (Astronomical Institute of Charles University, Prague)
Tilting Saturn during planetary migration

17th November 2016
Dr Jan Janik (Masaryk University, Brno)
Hot stars in Brno

10th November 2016
Filip Berski (IAO)
Close approach of Gliese 710

3rd November 2016
Dr Przemysław Bartczak (IAO)
SAGE: modelling asteroid shapes based on light curves and radar data

27th October 2016
Dr Arkadiusz Hypki (Leiden Observatory)
MOCCA – current state and [Breiter] future ahead

20th October 2016
Dr Dagmara Oszkiewicz (IAO)
Searching for parent bodies of anomalous HEDs

13th October 2016
Dr Magdalena Otulakowska-Hypka (IAO)
Close binary stars

6th October 2016
Michał Żołnowski, Grzegorz Duszanowicz, Marcin Gędek,
Michał Kusiak, Rafał Reszelewski
SST and NEO observations with 6ROADS telescope network