Session 12: "Operational Issues and New Missions"

Author: Mike Pearlman and Ben Greene
Subject: Call for papers for 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
Session 12: "Operational Issues and New Missions"

Dear Colleagues:

We are organizing Session 12, "Operational Issues and New Missions" for the 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging in Poznan, Poland, Thursday, October 16, 2008. We seek presentations and posters:

Some ideas for the operational issues section include:

  1. Techniques and insight for daylight ranging, interleaving of satellites, ranging to ETS-8 and GPS, etc (what wisdom can you share with other stations?);
  2. Update on the work of Task Force 1 on how to improve two-way communication between the analysis centers and the stations; (How do we improve the QC reports from the analysis centers back to the stations, and how do we make sure the latest station information is available to the analysis centers and users?);
  3. Progress on the real-time update program run by AIUB;
  4. Improvements in web-based tools to enhance station performance;

Some ideas for new missions include:

  1. Summary presentations by agencies (NASA, ESA, JAXA, Russian Space Agency, etc) on new and planned missions that will use SLR tracking;
  2. Presentations on new "novel missions" like PERCS (NRL), Luneberg Sphere (Russia), Astro-G (Japan), etc. that have some unusual features.

In 2 hours we have enough time for approximately 8 papers, but we also will have space for posters. We hope to allow a little time for discussion, especially on the operational issues. We will also allocate 2 minutes for an oral introduction for each poster.

Abstracts should be emailed to:

Mike Pearlman -
Ben Greene -

Please indicate your preference for oral presentation or poster display. If you have an idea for a paper, but need some help to bring it to maturity, we are both available for discussion.

We look forward to seeing you in Poznan,

Mike and Ben.