Session 7: "High Repetition-rate Systems"

Author: Georg Kirchner and Jan McGarry
Subject: Call for papers for 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
Session 7: "High Repetition-rate Systems"

Dear colleagues,

please consider submitting an oral presentation to session 7:  "High repetition-rate systems" at the upcoming ILRS workshop whose theme is "SLR - the next generation."  This session will cover existing stations that range from 100 hertz to kilohertz frequencies, plans for station upgrades to higher rates, and updates on systems making the change to higher repetition rate lasers.  This session will also cover topics on other system changes needed to implement higher frequencies, and the use of the data from higher repetition rate systems, especially involving new applications for this data.

Please submit abstracts to:

Georg Kirchner and
Jan McGarry