16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging - October 2008
Guest Rooms
at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
Polish Academy of Science in Poznań
ul. H. Wieniawskiego 17/19
61 - 713 Poznań, Poland
Contact: phone: +48 61 8170 187
fax: +48 61 8170 219, e-mail:

Price list:
Single room: 120 PLN
Double room: 200 PLN
        1 person 150 PLN
Studio double room: 230 PLN
        1 person 180 PLN
The prices includes breakfast and VAT
1 EUR = 3.34 PLN (Polish Złoty) 01.07.2008
1 USD = 2.13 PLN 01.07.2008
Payment method: at on-site registration in hotel by cash in Polish Złoty (PLN)
The reservations will be fulfilled on a first come, the number of rooms is limited
Cancelation Policy:
Till 03 October 2008 - any cancellation or order limitation - free of charge.
If the guaranteed reservation has not been cancelled by 03.10.2008 or the guest has not
arrived, guarantee holder will be charged for the first night. I accept that in this case
it will be charged from my Worshop fee.
Confirmation of the reservation:
The confirmation of the reservation will be sent by fax or email.