Session 5: "New and Upgrade Stations, Extended Facilities"

Author: Francis Pierron and Stanislaw Schillak
Subject: Call for papers for 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
Session 5: "New and Upgrade Stations, Extended Facilities"

Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing this key technological session and are soliciting presentations of all modernized, upgraded or under construction SLR/LLR systems.

The theme of this next Workshop is "SLR - the next generation". Regarding this topic, it's here an excellent opportunity to present some of the new systems arrived on ILRS scene in the recent years with really high level performances as well as very efficient operational characteristics.
In the same time, we would be very pleased to welcome in this session papers presenting upgraded systems throughout the world and new projects for improving the geographic distribution of the ILRS network which is one of the major issue for SLR technique to remain scientifically competitive and relevant on long term years.
In the duration of this session, we can have at least eight presentations and some oral introductions for posters, please don't hesitate to send us submissions in indicating your preference for standard presentation or poster, we'll do for the best in the time allowed...

Please email abstracts to:

Francis Pierron:
Stanislaw Schillak:

We look forward to seeing you in Poznan,

Thanks for your support.

Francis and Stanislaw