Session 13: "Targets, Signatures and Biases"

Author: Graham Appleby and Toshi Otsubo
Subject: Call for papers for 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
Session 13: "Targets, Signatures and Biases"

Dear Colleagues,

We are organising session 13 on  "Targets, Signatures and Biases"  in the upcoming 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging taking place during the week beginning 2008 October 13 in Poznan, Poland.

The satellite signature effect is a  persistent source of systematic error in current laser ranging technology. Even for the primary geodetic satellites there remain few-mm-level uncertainties in the appropriate centre-of-mass corrections for the different tracking systems and return-energy regimes. Therefore, laser station teams, optical engineers and analysts need to collaborate in order to realise for all the ILRS-supported space missions the true mm-level potential of the raw laser-range measurements.

We would like you to contribute to this session if your work is related to:

Please email the title and abstract to us:
    Graham Appleby (
    Toshimichi Otsubo (

and also to the Head of the Local Organizing Committee:
    Stanislaw Schillak (
by 10 September 2008.

We look forward to seeing you in Poznan,

Graham and Toshi