First Circular

Dear Colleagues,

The 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging will be held in Poznan, Poland, in October 13th to 17th, 2008 (Monday-Friday). The motto of the Workshop is "SLR - the next generation". The Workshop is organized by the International Laser Ranging Service, Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, A.Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In the Workshop organization will be supported by the Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Committee on Space and Satellite Research including the Commission on Satellite Geodesy and the Committee on Geodesy.

Aims of the Workshop:
Recent years have witnessed fast changes in the laser ranging technique as a result of introduction of kHz lasers, automation of the measuring systems, achievement of millimetres accuracy, extension of the range. The significance of the SLR and LLR data has increased leading to increased range of their application in scientific research. The role of laser ranging in satellite geodesy and geodynamics is best illustrated by the use of the data it provides in determination of the geocenter, development of new models of the Earth gravity field and their dynamics, development of the Earth reference systems, comparison of time scales. The Workshop is intended to present the recent achievements in the above-mentioned areas of research and technology.

The Workshop will be hosted in the IBB Andersia Hotel situated in the centre of the city, close to the historical old town. The Andersia hotel will also be the main accommodation centre for the participants. It offers high standard rooms with a discount for the Workshop participants. We also recommend two hotels offering lower price good standard rooms within 20 minutes walking distance from Andersia.

The location of the Poznan City is convenient for persons coming from all directions, it has many direct connections by plane with the most important European cities, including Frankfurt, Munich and London, it is three hours by train from Warsaw (a train connection every hour) and from Berlin (several Eurocity trains per day), not too far for car travel from many cities in central Europe.

Web page:
The Workshop website will be available in the next few weeks, with the second circular and call for papers.

The detailed program will be discussed in the coming months with the Program Committee members and ILRS Central Bureau. The dates of the working group, NASA SLR, WPLTN and EUROLAS meetings will be discussed with chairmen of these groups. We propose Saturday and Sunday 11-12 October.

Program Committee:
Graham Appleby NERC - Space Geodesy Facility, UK
Ben Greene - Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
John Degnan - Sigma Space Corporation, USA
Yang Fumin - Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Werner Gurtner - Astronomical Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland
Georg Kirchner - Austrian Academy of Sciences
Toshi Otsubo - Hitotsubashi University, Japan
Erricos Pavlis - Joint Center for Earth System Technology/Goddard Space Flight Centre NASA, USA
Michael Pearlman - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA
Stanislaw Schillak - Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences

Stanislaw Schillak
Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
Astrogeodynamic Observatory
ul. Drapalka 4
62-035 Kornik
Phone: (48)61-8170-187
Fax: (48)61-8170-219

The Organizing Committee invites all colleagues interested in realization and scientific applications of the laser measurements to the satellites, Moon and beyond. All sponsors interested in supporting this important meeting, are much welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Poznan in October 2008, with the best regards,

Stanislaw Schillak
Head of the Local Organizing Committee