Fourth Circular

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to remind you that the deadline for registration, hotel reservation and abstract submission to the 16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging is September 10, 2008.The Organizing Committee don't guarantee hotel reservation after this date.

Please submit your abstracts by e-mail to the session chairs and to the Organizing Committee by the Abstract form (Abstracts-Abstract form) or by e-mail ( ). Call for papers and e-mail addresses of the chairs are available on the Workshop website (Abstracts-Call for papers).

The presenters upload their presentations at least 15 minutes before start of the session. It is recommended to upload presentation before first session of a given day. Please contact computer technician and the Chairs of the session. PowerPoint and PDF are the only accepted presentation formats. PowerPoint for MAC files should be tested on a PC before the Workshop. The computer for presentations is Microsoft Windows-based with Microsoft Office 2003.
Please denote your file by name of the presenter and number of the session. Save your files to a USB Storage Device, CD-ROM or 3.5" Floppy Disk.
If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please contact with computer technician 24 hours before your presentation.

The poster board dimensions: 120 cm (width) x 150 cm (height). You can use two poster board together but in this case you have to inform organizing committee before September 10 (the number of the poster boards will be limited by the number of posters).
All authors of the posters are kindly asked to put up their posters on Monday morning and taken them down on Friday. The material necessary for attaching the poster to the boards will be available in the poster area.
Authors of poster papers should prepare two minute summaries (one or two view graphs) of their poster presentation for the appropriate oral session. Authors of the poster should be present at their poster for presentation during the break time immediately after their session.

The Poznan Airport is 5 km from hotels. The taxi (right exit) and buses (main exit) are available. You ask taxi driver as destination the name of the street (Jowita hotel - Zwierzyniecka 7, Guest Rooms PAS - Wieniawskiego 17). The bus tickets you can to buy in the newspapers stand in the main exit. For each large bags you have to buy one additional ticket. The tickets are punch in the bus. The buses number 59 or L depart every half hour from main airport exit (detailed timetable is available on the Workshop website: CITY OF POZNAN - Official site - Public transport (Airport-Lonisko Lawica)).
You have to leave the bus at stop Baltyk (Rondo Kaponiera) before Jowita hotel (20 meters to the hotel main entrance).
The Andersia hotel is in 20 minutes walking distance by most Uniwersytecki and Al. Niepodleglosci (see map on the Workshop website VENUE - Localization) or by tram (trams number 11, 12, third stop). The trams tickets are same as for the bus and are available in the newspapers stands (15 minutes ticket).
The Guest Rooms PAS are in 10 minutes walking distance (F.Roosvelta, most Teatralny, Wieniawskiego).

Railway station:
The main railway station in Poznan (POZNAN GLOWNY) is in 10 minutes walking distance from Andersia hotel (most Dworcowy, Towarowa). The trams are available form most Dworcowy/Roosvelta (trams number 6, 11, 12, second stop - Polwiejska).
The Guest Rooms PAS are in 15 minutes walking distance (Dworcowa - right side, most Uniwesytecki, Al. Niepodleglosci), or by tram from the railway station western exit (end of the tunnel) (trams number 8, 14, 18, third stop-most Teatralny).
Jowita hotel is in ten minutes (Dworcowa - left side, Rondo Kaponiera), or by tram like to the Guest Rooms but second stop (Rondo Kaponiera).

Attention for all colleagues which live in Jowita hotel: on the main entrance not any information about hotel name because it is student dormitory and the hotel Jowita is a part of this building.

All additional information about preliminary program, registration, accommodation, travel, social events, excursio... you can to find on the Workshop website

Thanks to all of you for your contribution to the Workshop, see you soon in Poznan and contact us for any question,
with the best regards,

Stanislaw Schillak
Head of the Local Organizing Committee

Stanislaw Schillak
Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
Astrogeodynamic Observatory
ul. Drapalka 4
62-035 Kornik
Phone: (48)61-8170-187
Fax: (48)61-8170-219