SANORDA – another ESA project

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We received information from the European Space Agency (ESA) about the acceptance of our proposal „Service for Archival NEO Orbital and Rotational Data Analysis (SANORDA)”. Its goal is creation of a web service for analysis of the archival orbits of the Near Earth Objects (NEO), as well as analysis of the NEO light variation due to orbital and rotational motion.

In SANORDA we shall create databases which will be filled with the already existing data, collected from differenmt sources, as well as data computed by us during large-scale numerical processing. The web service shall allow astronommers studying NEOs a useful tool for searching, filtering and visualization of data.

The duration of the project is 24 months, its prime contractor is our Observatory, and a subcontractor is ITTI in Poznań, which will provide IT technologies. The budget of the project
is 200 kEUR (120 kEUR for AMU).

SANORDA is the fifth ESA project realized by our Observatory in the framework of
Space Situational Awareness programme.

2017-02-20, TK